Production Year Role Director
Flaming Frontier 1958 Running Bear Sam Newfield
A Dangerous Age 1959 Husband Sidney J Furie
Dr Strangeelove 1964 Co-Pilot Ace Stanley Kubrick
The Bedford Incident 1965 Sparks Naval Officer James B Harris
Thunderbirds Are Go 1966 Scott Tracy David Lane
You Only Live Twice 1967 Control Operator Lewis Gilbert
The Dirty Dozen 1967 Sergeant Brady Robert Aldrich
Thunderbird 6 1968 Scott Tracy David Lane
Diamonds Are Forever 1971 Security Chief Guy Hamilton
Scorpio 1973 Detective Reisen Michael Winner
S.P.Y.S. 1974 CIA Agent Hestler Irving Kerchner
Rollerball 1974 Coach Ace Logan Norman Jewison
The Human Factor 1975 Joe Carter Edward Dmytryk
Nasty Habits 1977 Officer Michael Lindsay-Hogg
Star Wars 1977 Incom Engineer George Lucas
The People That Time Forgot 1977 Pilot Hogan Kevin Connor
The Spy Who Loved Me 1977 Captain Carter Lewis Gilbert
Twilight's Last Gleaming 1977 Colonel Franklin Robert Aldrich
Julia 1977 Customs Official Fred Zinneman
Silver Bears 1978 American Banker Ivan Passer
Warlopds Of Atlantis 1978 Captain Daniels Kevin Connor
Hanover Street 1979 Colonel Bart Peter Hyams
Arabian Adventure 1979 Rebel Leader Abu Kevin Connor
Dr Fu Manchu 1980 J Edgar Hoover Piers Haggard
Superman 2 1980 NASA Control Chief Richard Lester
The Dogs Of War 1980 Dr Harry Oaks John Irving
Priest Of Love 1981 John Kelly Christopher Miles
Reds 1981 Chairman MacAlpine Warren Beatty
Gandhi 1982 Edmund R Murrow Richard Attenborough
The Hunger 1983 Arthur Jelinek Tony Scott
Superman 3 1983 Sheriff Mullins Richard Lester
The Lonely Lady 1983 Adolph Fannon Peter Sasdy
Morons From Outer Space 1985 Redneck Melvin Mel Smith
The Holcroft Covenant 1985 Lieutenant Miles John Frankenheimer
Dreamchild 1985 Studio Head Newman Gavin Millar
White Knights 1985 Ambassador Jim Smith Taylor Hackford
Out Of Africa 1985 Gamekeeper Belnap Sydney Pollack
Whoops Apocalypse 1986 S of State Marvin Gelber Tom Bussman
Crusoe 1988 Captain Mather Caleb Deschanel
A Kiss Before Dying 1991 Commissioner Malley James Dearden
Company Business 1991 Chairman, M G Cosmetics Nicholas Meyer
Year of the Comet 1992 Executive TT Kelleher Peter Yates
Chaplin 1992 Manager / Agent Richard Attenborough
Piccolo, Grand Amore 1993 Mr Hughes Carlo Vanzina
A Kid in King Arthur's Court 1995 Baseball Coach Michael Gottlieb
Space Truckers 1996 E J Saggs Stuart Gordon
One of the Hollywood Ten 2000 Prosecutor J Parnell Thomas Karl Francis
Spy Game 2001 Estate Agent Reg Bowels Tony Scott
Batman Begins 2005 Lennie, Technician Chrisopher Nolan
Mee-Shee: The Water Giant 2005 Bob Anderson John Henderson
Alien Autopsy 2005 Colonel Jonny Campbell
Lovelorn 2009 The Barman Becky Preston
Dark Shadows 2012 Board Member 1 Tim Burton
TV Films
Baffled! 1973 Track Announcer Philip Leacock
Charlie Muffin 1979 CIA Agent Braley Jack Gold
Very Like a Whale 1981 Commuter Alan Bridges
Nairobi Affair 1984 Jason Gardner Marvin J Chomsky
Gulag 1985 Jay Bradley Taylor Hackford
Reunion at Fairborough 1985 Joe Szylik Herbert Wise
The Last Days of Patton 1986 Dr Colonel Lawrence Bill Delbert Mann
Of Pure Blood 1986 Colonel Kranz Joseph Sargent
Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna 1986 Harvey Coward Marvin J Chomsky
The Return of Sherlock Holmes 1987 Stark Kevin Connor
The Two Mrs Grenvilles 1987 Doorman John Erman
Riviera 1987 Doc Ed Turner John Frankenheimer
Roman Holiday 1987 Editor Hogan Noel Nosseck
The Bourne Identity 1987 General Alexander Conklin Roger Young
Tailspin: 1988 Admiral Riley David Darlow
Red King, White Knight 1989 General Geoff Murphy
Double Vision 1991 Twins' Father Robert Knights
Only Love 1998 Warren Oliver John Erman
Dockers 1999 US Longeshoreman Bill Anderson
Caught in the Act 2004 George, the Father Jeffrey Reiner
Hiroshima 2005 US S of State James Byrnes Paul Wilmshurst

Faces, from left to right - Dr Strangelove, Diamonds Are Forever, Warlords Of Atlantis, The People That Time Forgot, Rollerball, The Spy Who Loved Me, Superman 3, Whoops Apocalypse, Hanover Street, Gandhi