Production Year Episode Role
Come Fly With Me 1958 13 episodes Host / Singer
Armchair Theatre 1959 Star in the Summer Night Paul
After Hours 1959 4 episodes Vocal Singer
Armchair Theatre 1959 Roast Goose
and Walnut Suffing
RCMP 1960 Day of Reckoning Tom Hopwood
Compact 1963 bi-weekly soap Editor Russell Corrigan
The Saint 1964 tThe Hi-Jackes Major Smith
Theatre 625 1964 Parade's End:
A Man Could Stand Up
Corporal Girtin
Thunderbirds 1965 32 episodes Scott Tracy (voice)
Trapped in the Sky TX 204 C0-Pilot (voice)
Pit of Peril Johnny (voice)
Terror in New York City Scanners / Washington
Operation Crash-Dive Radar Operator(voice)
Vault of Death Carter (voice)
The Mighty Atom Control Assistant (voice)
Danger Man 1965 The Mercenaries Buchanan
Thirty-Minute Theatre 1966 The Flipside Bud Burdine
Thunderbirds 1966 Martian Invasion Film Crewman (voice)
Play of the Month 1966 Lee Oswald:Assassin Marine Sergeant
Doctor Who 1966 The Gunfighters (serial) Seth Harper
Court Martial/td> 1966 All Roads Lead to Callaghan Ramsey
Orlando 1966 The Mercenaries 6 episodes
Captain Scarlet 1967 Special Assignment Mason
1968 Inferno Pilot (voice)
1968 Flight to Atlantica Sergeant (voice)
Coronation Street 1968 Sergeant Joe Donelli
Joe 90 1968 Most Special Astronaut Kent (voice)
International Concerto Kelly/Clark/Technician (voice)
Big Fish Gardner (voice)
Business Holiday Col Henderson/Driver (voice)
1969 Double Agent Radio Control (voice)
UFO 1970 Identified Lieutenant Bill Johnson
Computer Affair Lieutenant Bill Johnson
On Trial 1970 The Chicago Conspiracy
Thomas Foran
UFO 1971 Confetti Check A-OK CIA Agent Rosen
The Persuaders! 1972 Element of Risk Lomax
The Protectors 1973 Vocal Vickers
The Investigator 1973 Unscreened pilot John (voice)
Orson Welles Great Mysteries 1973 In the Confessional Police Sergeant Warren
The Protectors 1974 Zeke's Blues Zeke Daley
QBVII 1974 mini-series Reporter
Late Night Drama 1974 I Know What I Meant Ronald Ziegler
You're On Your Own 1975 Value for Money Peter Kovaks
Space:1999 1975 Breakaway Eagle Pilot (voice)
Quiller 1975 Thundersky Harry Brent
Space:1999 1974 Matter of Life and Death Bannion (voice)
Horizon 1976 Billion Dollar Bubble Fred Levin
Space:1999 1976 Space Brain Kelly
The Testament of Arkadia Operative (voice)
The Last Enemy Eagle Pilot (voice)
Hadleigh 1976 Divorce Pollack
Second Verdict 1976 The Lindbergh Kidnapping Harold G Hoffman
Space:1999 1976 The Lambda Factor Technician (voice)
Alternative 3 1977 Bob 'Buzz' Grodin
Play of the Week 1977 Professional Foul Stone
The Standard 1978 Two Birds, One Stone Jack Putman
The Famous Five 1978 Five on Finniston Farm Mr Henning
The One and Only Phyllis Dixey 1978 US Colonel
Power Struggle 1978 Milton Shaw
Return of the Saint 1979 Dragonseed Falco
A Man Called Intrepid 1979 mini-series Willoughby
A Man Called Intrepid 1979 mini-series Willoughby
Secret Army 1979 The Execution Canadian Commandant
BBC2 Playhouse 1979 Speed King Ambassador Beauchamp
Oppenheimer 1980 serial Ed Condon
Bognor 1981 Let Sleeping Dogs Lie Horace Higgins
The Rose Medallion 1981 mini-series Sergeant Ed Kusborski
Nanny 1982 Fathers Dick Leonard
Tales of the Unexpected 1982 Man With a Fortune John Smith
Philip Marlowe, Private Eye 1983 Smart Aleck Kill Detective Murphy
A Christie's Partners in Crime 1983 The Crackler Hank Ryder
Alas Smith and Jones 1984 3 episodes various sketches
Master of the Game 1984 mini-series Hugh Carroll
Lace 1984 mini-series Hal Carson
Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense 1984 Last Video and Testament Dr Hersh
Mistral's Daughter 1984 mini-series Harry Klein
Ellis Island 1984 mini-series TV Announcer Duffy
Star Quality 1985 Mr and Mrs Edgehill Brod Stanton
Space 1985 mini-series General Quigley
Dick Spanner 1986 22 episodes Dick Spanner (voice)
Space Police 1986 Star Laws - unscreened pilot Lieutenant Chuck Brogan
Breakthrough at Reykjavik 1987 George P Schultz
tHE bRETTS 1988 Home and Away: Part One Ben Silverstein
Dirty Dozen: The Series 1988 Don Danko Agent Biddle
Mario Puzo's The Fortunate Pilgrim 1988 mini-series Reilly
A Very British Coup 1988 serial US Secretary of State
Coronation Street 1989 episode 2852 Malcolm Reid
The Saint 1989 The Software Murders Bob Harrison
Street Legal 1989 Basketball Story Detective Barnes
Fiendens Fiende 1990 Del 4 Skip Harrier
The Nightmare Years 1990 mini-series Ambassador Dodd
Van der Valk 1991 A Sudden Silence Lowell J Wallace
Stanley and the Women 1991 mini-series Morton Fendig
Land of Hope and Gloria 1992 The Authentic Taste
of England
Lipstick on Your Collar 1993 serial Colonel 'Truck' Trekker
Ivar Kreuger 1998 President Hoover
7 Wonders of the Industrial World 2003 Brooklyn Bridge William Kingsley

Larger images top right, clockwise from top left - Coronation Street, Tales Of The Unexpected, Alternative 3, Zeke's Blues
Faces, above, from left to right - Come Fly With Me, Saint, Coronation Street, Thunderbirds, The Persuaders, Promo shot, UFO, Space 1999, Space 1999, Tales Of The Unexpected