Production Title / Role
SINGLES Wagon Train - with the Geoff Love Orchestra, The 3 Bells, I Want To Walk You Home, A Touch Of Pink (Columbia)
MUSIC FOR PLEASURE LPs Funny Girl, 7 Brides for 7 Brothers, On The Town (EMI)
NASA Official NASA Guide Tour (Cape Canaveral) Voice
BBC RADIO Time and Motion Man, Sherlock Holmes, A study in Scarlet John Glen Stole My Spacesuit
BBC WORLD SERVICE African Experience, English Cassettes pilot, Heritage Europe -Aviations Classics voiceover
THUNDERBIRDS Voice of Scott Tracy
COMMERCIALS Pepsi, RBS, Zanussi, Lego, Pils, Bud Light, Schweppes, Melody Maker, Alpen, Budweiser, British Caledonian, Volvo, Lyons Maid, Grundig, Saab, Smith's Crisps, Stork Margerine
DICK SPANNER Voice of Dick Spanner
ALLIED AVIATION - WWII Presenter (Instantvision ltd video)
FROM THUNDERBIRDS TO PTERODACTYLS Narration (Big Finish audio book)
CAPTAIN BLUE Condemnation narration (Music CD)
ROALD DAHL - THE GREAT SWITCHEROO Narration (Penguin Audiobooks)
THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL Uncle Louie (Cartoon Network)